Brooke Classic


1st day pool results:


2nd day Brackets:


The final results:

103: Z. Brown, Oak Glen, def. Green, Independence, fall 3:03; Tubaugh, John Marshall, dec. Bell, Edison, 14-3.

112: Vahaly, Bentworth, dec. T. Brown, Oak Glen, 8-0; Cales, Independence, dec. Michael, East Fairmont, 5-3.

119: Jordan, Oak Glen, def. Lilly, Independence, fall 1:58; Marosi, Brooke, dec. Boles, John Marshall, 7-1.

125: Wood, East Fairmont, dec. Koper, Oak Glen, 6-1; Johnston, West Greene, dec. Lapcevic, Bentworth, 6-4.

130: Mizia, Bent, def. Campbell, Brooke, fall 1:30; Goode, John Marshall, def. Jarvis, Calhoun County, fall 0:55.

135: Cluner, West Green, def. Churchill, Oak Glen, 1:30 default; Wease, Calhoun County, dec. Longworth, John Marshall, 11-3.

140: Clark, Calhoun County, dec. Durbin, West Greene, 12-5; Hall, John Marshall, def. Rundle, East Fairmont, fall 2:01.

145: McGill, Oak Glen, dec. Durbin, West Greene, 2-0; Hanshaw, Calhoun County, dec. Vahaly, Bentworth, 6-2.

152: Mizia, Bentworth, dec. Laughlin, Calhoun County, 6-5; Wells, Oak Glen, dec. Hall, John Marshall, 1-0.

160: Demain, Bentworth, dec. Haught, Calhoun County, 5-0; Mason, John Marshall, def. Wood, Independence, fall 4:27.

171: Yoak, Calhoun County, def. Nelson, Independence, fall 1:22; Zimmerman, Oak Glen, def. Frey, Edison, fall 3:32.

189: Greathouse, Oak Glen, dec. Dawson, Brooke, 7-3; Sutro, Calhoun County, dec. Herzick, Edison, 15-9.

215: Davis, Oak Glen, def. Arnold, Calhoun County, fall 2:44; Hudson, East Fairmont, dec. McBride, Independence, 3-1.

Heavyweight: VanDyke, Oak Glen, def. Townsend, East Fairmont, fall 5:33; Berardi, John Marshall, def. Bingiel, Brooke, fall 2:06.



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