Barnesville Tour.

Team Scores

1. Claymont 185.5, 2. Wheeling Park 136.5, 3. John Marshall 126.5, 4. Shenandoah 107.5, 5. Martins Ferry , Bellaire St. Johns 98, 7. Watkins Memorial 84, 8. Union Local 81, 9. Barnesville 76.5, 10. Harrison Central 74, 11. Cambridge 65, 12. Steubenville 58.5, 13. Monroe Central 49.

1st & 2nd

103    Green (WP) Fall Taylor (JM) 3:15

112    Rush (WP) MD Daugherty (Camb) 11-3

119    Humphrey (WP) d Jackson (Clay) 1-0

125    Reichman (Clay) Fall Nicola (BSJ) 0:38

130    Emery (HC) d Melko (BSJ) 11-6

135    Tucker (MF) d Huffman (WM) 8-3

140    Ferguson (MC) d Lee (JM) 10-4

145    Ritchie (JM) Fall Young (WM) 2:52

152    Williams (Clay) d Adkins (JM) 5-3

160    Bahmer (Barn) d Peters (Clay) 1-0

171    Yoder (MF) MD Bologna (HC) 11-3

189    Horn (Shen) d Ewing (JM) 7-5

215    Leach (Shen) Inj Default Tominack (WP)

275    Davia (UL) Fall Golden (Camb) 3:14


3rd & 4th

103    Coup (MF) d Kovach (Clay) 1:21

112    Clark (UL) d Atley (WM) 10-4

119    Skoff (BSJ) Inj. Default Mahley (Camb)

125    Gossett (UL) DQ Doyle (JM)

130    Triplett (Clay) d Schmelzenbach (Shen) 2-1

135    McKibben (Clay) d Scurlock (Camb) 5-4

140    King (Barn) Fall Jones (MF) 1:35

145    Hunkler (BSJ) d Cameron (Clay) 1-0

152    Croiser (Steub) Fall Bumbico (MF) 3:55

160    Case (BSJ) d Hannahs (Shen) 4-3

171    Ross (Steub) d Gibson (WM) 5-1

189    Hercules (WP) d Beach (Steub) 3-1 OT

215    Hannahs (Barn) d Compston (UL) 5-2

275    Burdette (Clay) Fall Michael (Shen) 0:25

    Tyler Reichman broke the record for most pins in a career at Claymont High and he was named the most outstanding wrestler as the Mustangs won the Barnesville Invitational on Saturday night. Reichman, who won the 125-pound championship, racked up four pins during the tournament to break the school record of 56. He is now the all-time leader with 60. Reichman recorded all four of his pins in under one minute, including a 38 second fall over state-ranked Mick Nicola of Bellaire St. John.

Claymont won the meet with 185 1/2 points. Wheeling Park was second with 136 1/2 and John Marshall was third with 126 1/2.

In addition to Reichman, Jerad Williams won the 152-pound title with a 5-3 decision over Cory Adkins of John Marshall.

Terry Jackson (119) and Clintt Peters (160) took seconds for the Mustangs. Zach Triplett (130), Zach McKibben (135) and Brian Burdette (heavyweight) came away with thirds, while Chris Kovach (103) and Tim Cameron (145) each finished fourth.

Harrison Centralís Jesse Emery won the 130-pound championship with an 11-6 decision over Kayne Melko of Bellaire St. John and teammate Vic Bologna was second at 171.


103 -- Ronnie Green (WP) pinned Chad Kilburn (MC), :30; Ryan Henderson (WM) BYE; Anthony Iachini (STEUB) BYE; Richie Dodd (SHEN) BYE; John Coup (MF) BYE; Craig Porter (HC) BYE; Aaron Taylor (JM) BYE; Chris Kovach (CLAY) BYE.

112 -- Abbie Rush (WP) pinned Andy Whitman (CLAY), 1:27; Eric Moore (HC) BYE; Beau Atchley (WM) BYE; Chad Ware (MF) dec. Ryan Stephen (BAR), 3-1 (OT); Chaz Clark (UL) pinned Skip Ingram (JM), 1:10; Cole Lewis (MC) BYE; Adam Mack (SHEN) BYE; Dustin Daugherty (CAMB) pinned Carlo Sanders (STEUB), :40.

119 -- Terry Jackson (CLAY) pinned Jeremy Huffman (WM), :52; Jesse Brown (SHEN) BYE; Logan Hartle (JM) BYE; Sean Mahley (CAMB) dec. Dan Magers (BAR), 6-2; Joe Skoff (SJC) pinned James White (HC), 1:09; Justin Krulock (UL) BYE; Tim Zoc (MF) BYE; Brian Humphrey (WP) tech. fall Torey Prickett (MC), 4:54.

125 -- Tyler Reichman (CLAY) pinned Lee Doyle (JM), 1:06; Terry Smith (BAR) BYE; Jordan Seidler (MC) BYE; Bran Tanzillo (WM) BYE; Nate Gossett (UL) BYE; Ty Howell (HC) BYE; Nathan Hrinko (SHEN) BYE; Mick Nicola (SJC) maj. dec. Bruce Kennedy (WP), 15-5.

130 -- Jesse Emery (HC) pinned Adam Messenger (BAR), 3:27; Brad Bertubin (CAMB) BYE; Ronnie Nelson (WP) BYE; Zach Triplett (CLAY) maj. dec. Justin Smithberger (MC), 13-3; Todd Schmelzenbach (SHEN) pinned David Gotschell (STEUB), 1:24; Allen Gray (UL) BYE; Brandon Richey (JM) BYE; Kayne Melko (SJC) pinned Gerald Ray (MF), 3:57.

135 -- Clay Tucker (MF) tech. fall Evan Leifheit (WP), 2:48; Josh Smith (BAR) BYE; Zach McKibben (CLAY) maj. dec. Kory Waite (SHEN), 10-2; James Huff (SJC) dec. Seth Skrypek (JM), 4-2; Bradon Scurlock (CAMB) pinned Nick Pasquarella (STEUB), 1:28; Clyde Jones (MC) BYE; Andy Lucas (UL) BYE; Justin Huffman (WM) maj. dec. David Blawut (HC), 13-3.

140 -- Ryan Ferguson (MC) pinned Sean McKitrick (STEUB), 2:36; Robbie Rossiter (SHEN) BYE; Kyle King (BAR) pinned Randy Stonebreaker (UL), 1:03; Tom Carpenter (SJC) pinned Anthony Yates (WM), 1:51; Kyle Henry (CLAY) pinned Jamaal Lowery (CAMB), 1:32; Ben Phillips (HC) BYE; Matt Conklin (WP) BYE; Alex Lee (JM) pinned Jason Jones (MF), 3:33.

145 -- Dustin Richey (JM) pinned Brett Stephen (BAR), 2:19; Jared Ward (MC) BYE; Tim Cameron (CLAY) pinned Brett Blevins (UL), 5:22; Chris Crock (SHEN) dec. Luke Warren (MF), 2-1; Josh Wheeler (STEUB) pinned Steven Hazinakas (CAMB), :33; Todd Hunkler (SJC) BYE; Braxton Thorngate (WP) BYE; D.J. Young (WM) maj. dec. Brad Brooks (HC), 15-2.

152 -- Jerad Williams (CLAY) pinned Clay Teague (CAMB), :25; Vic Mason (HC) BYE; Luke Bumbico (MF) BYE; Clayton Benedict (MC) pinned Brandon Sailing (SHEN), 1:51; Corey Adkins (JM) tech. fall Jimmy Kincaid (WM), 3:33; Bud Hines (BAR) BYE; Zach Compston (UL) BYE; Thad Crosier (STEUB) tech. fall Dusty Hill (WP), 4:00.

160 -- Clintt Peters (CLAY) maj. dec. Ryan Logsdon (HC), 12-2; Jesse Jones (MF) BYE; Nathan Weisentstein (WM) BYE; Matt Hannahs (SHEN) pinned Adam Gibson (WP), 4:49; Jason Bahmer (BAR) pinned Bo Hill (CAMB), :56; Eric Henson (STEUB) BYE; John Wilson (UL) BYE; Chris Case (SJC) pinned Shawn Simmons (JM) 5:10.

171 -- Chas Yoder (MF) pinned Zach Moore (JM), 2:13; Jake Garvin (CAMB) BYE; Harley Gibson (WM) BYE; Jack Zerkle (SHEN) BYE; Kyle Smith (BAR) maj. dec. David Ross (STEUB), 11-2; Dusty McVay (UL) BYE; Lenny DeMattio (CLAY) BYE; Vic Bologna (HC) pinned Tommie Kettlewell (WP), 1:24.

189 -- John Horn (SHEN) maj. dec. Bobby Scurlock (CAMB), 14-3; Shaun Ady (MC) BYE; Nathan Richardson (CLAY) BYE; Mike Pratt (HC) BYE; Bud Hercules (WP) pinned Corey Rinkes (SJC), 4:49; James Beach (STEUB) BYE; Shane Clark (MF) BYE; Josh Ewing (JM) pinned Cory Cunningham (BAR), 1:02.

215 -- Codey Leach (SHEN) pinned Brandon Rickman (JM), :31; Jacob Kulin (STEUB) BYE; Alex Williams (WM) pinned Justin Britnell (CAMB), :38; Jim Compston (UL) pinned Joe Lewis (MF), 4:23; Brad Hannahs (BAR) pinned Mike English (MC), :46; Andrew Wilsterman (CLAY) BYE; Wendell Habig (SJC) BYE; Cody Tominack (WP) pinned Andrew Corder (HC), 1:43.

275 -- Koel Davia (UL) dec. Ralph Petrella (STEUB), 10-3; Corey Hastins (BAR) BYE; Bretty Taylor (WP) BYE; Lucas Michel (SHEN) BYE; Michael Golden (CAMB) BYE; Shawn Jenkins (HC) BYE; Jeremy Paden (MF) BYE; Brian Burdette (CLAY) pinned Nelson Hooker (JM), :25.


103 -- Green (WP) pinned Henderson (WM), :16; Iachini (STEUB) pinned Dodd (SHEN), 2:53; Coup (MF) dec. Porter (HC), 7-4; Taylor (JM) dec. Kovach (CLAY), 9-2.

112 -- Rush (WP) pinned Moore (HC), 2:18; Atchley (WM) dec. Ware (MF), 6-3; Clark (UL) maj. dec. Lewis (MC), 14-4; Daugherty (CAMB) pinned Mack (SHEN), :38.

119 -- Jackson (CLAY) pinned Brown (SHEN), :26; Mahley (CAMB) dec. Hartle (JM), 6-2; Skoff (SJC) pinned Krulock (UL), 1:15; Humphrey (WP) pinned Zoc (MF), 1:19.

125 -- Reichman (CLAY) pinned Smith (BAR), :37; Seidler (MC) dec. Tanzillo (WM), 13-10; Gossett (UL) pinned Howell (HC), 2:12; Nicola (SJC) pinned Hrinko (SHEN), :59.

130 -- Emery (HC) pinned Bertubin (CAMB), 2:51; Triplett (CLAY) dec. Nelson (WP), 4-1; Schmelzenbach (SHEN) tech. fall Gray (UL), 4:00; Melko (SJC) pinned Richey (JM), 5:08.

135 -- Tucker (MF) tech. fall Smith (BAR), 2:08; McKibben (CLAY) maj. dec. Huff (SJC), 9-1; Scurlock (CAMB) pinned Jones (MC), 1:14; Huffman (WM) pinned Lucas (UL), 2:22.

140 -- Ferguson (MC) pinned Rossiter (SHEN), 3:16; King (BAR) pinned Carpenter (SJC), 5:59; Phillips (HC) pinned Henry (CLAY), 5:15; Lee (JM) maj. dec. Conklin (WP), 17-4.

145 -- Richey (JM) pinned Ward (MC), :39; Cameron (CLAY) dec. Crock (SHEN), 3-2; Hunkler (SJC) dec. Wheeler (STEUB), 6-3; Young (WM) pinned Thorngate (WP), 2:40.

152 -- Williams (CLAY) pinned Mason (HC), 3:30; Bumbico (MF) maj. dec. Benedict (MC), 13-5; Adkins (JM) won by disqualification, Bud Hines (BAR); Crosier (STEUB) pinned Compston (UL), 4:28.

160 -- Peters (CLAY) pinned Jones (MF), 1:24; Hannahs (SHEN) maj. dec. Weisenstein (WM), 21-10; Bahmer (BAR) tech. fall Henson (STEUB), 5:21; Case (SJC) pinned Wilson (UL), :31.

171 -- Yoder (MF) pinned Garvin (CAMB), 1:00; Gibson (WM) pinned Zerkle (SHEN), 4:31; McVay (UL) maj. dec. Smith (BAR), 15-6; Bologna (HC) maj. dec. DeMattio (CLAY), 12-4.

189 -- Horn (SHEN) pinned Ady (MC), :41; Richardson (CLAY) dec. Pratty (HC), 5-3; Beach (STEUB) dec. Hercules (WP), 5-1; Ewing (JM) pinned Clark (MF), 2:57.

215 -- Leach (SHEN) pinned Kulin (STEUB), 1:00; Compston (UL) dec. Williams (WM), 5-2; Hannahs (BAR) maj. dec. Wilsterman (CLAY), 10-1; Tominack (WP) pinned Habig (SJC), 1:18.

275 -- Davia (UL) pinned Hastings (BAR), 2:40; Michel (SHEN) pinned Traylor (WP), 4:55; Golden (CAMB) pinned Jenkins (HC), :50; Burdette (CLAY) pinned Paden (MF), :47.

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