Buckeye 8 Duals


  ROUND 1   ROUND 2   ROUND 3      
1 BELLAIRE               
  A BELLAIRE           
8 UNION LOCAL  78-0          
  B BUCKEYE LOCAL 54-15      
4 ST. CLAIRSVILLE 37-34          
  C INDIAN CREEK     33-31  
2 HARRISON CENTRAL 73-6        
        INDIAN CREEK      
            BUCKEYE LOCAL  
        BUCKEYE LOCAL 46-29  
    UNION LOCAL           
      E ST. CLAIRSVILLE      
    ST. CLAIRSVILLE 69-6      
            ST. CLAIRSVILLE  
    MARTINS FERRY     44-36  
    EDISON LOCAL 59-18    
        UNION LOCAL       
            EDISON LOCAL  
        EDISON LOCAL 42-25  



  #1 Bellaire VS #8 Union Local   #4 St. Clairsville VS #5 Buckeye Local  
103 Davis     103 Curcione   Singleton or Harris  
112 Porter     112 Brown   Wiltshire  
119 Banker     119 Yockey   Blumenauer  
125 Foster   Marques 125 Nolte   Thompson  
130 Canter   Friede 130 Callarik   Hilliard  
135 Faykus   Earliwine 135 Prezzia   Bartrug  
140 Dobson   Friede 140 Nickerson   Slaga  
145 Chilson   Brokaw 145 Lauener   Sokolowski  
152 Porter   McCardle 152 Dye   Supanik  
160 Crooke   Hearn 160 Snyder   Kirk  
171 Edmond     171     Horton or Lovrod  
189 Kidwell   Van Horn 189        
215 Clegg   Leach 215 McGary   Pyciak  
285 Bennett     285 Holcomb   Solomon  
  #2 Harrison Central VS #7 Edison Local   #3 Martins Ferry VS #6 Indian Creek  
103 Heavlin   Bell 103     Lawerence  
112 Watkin   Vein 112 Jackson    Pfouts or Huber or DeMattio  
119 Riley   Bell 119 Jackson or Chambliss   Mazik  
125 Risdon   Long 125 Chambliss or Yoder   Walker  
130 Pate   Gubanez 130 Mackey   Leroy or Pfouts  
135 Coffman   LeMasters 135 Driver   Losey  
140 Coffman   Shane 140 Rose   Staudacher  
145 Banks   Costa 145 Graham   Duggan  
152 R. Eddy   Hawken 152 Kaiser   Cowser  
160 Kaiser or D. Eddy or Roe   Frey 160 Hotlosz   Johnston  
171 Howell     171 Oberdick   Renforth  
189 Mallernee   Herzeck or Childers 189 Shreve   Miller  
215 Case   Bradley or Taylor 215 Leach      
285 Eckroth     285 Woodford   Brancazio  


Buckeye 8 Preview

By Secretstud96



Tier 1

Harrison Central, St. Clairsville

Tier 2

 Martins Ferry, Buckeye Local, Bellaire, Indian Creek

Tier 3

 Edison Local, Union Local


Team Capsules

Head Coach: Shane Shaffer
Returning: 10 starters
Standouts: Zack Porter, Erik Canter, Robbie Chilson, Derek Porter, Jesse Dobson, Bobby Bennett
Potentially a very devastating lineup, you know I had to put that in there. Z Porter, Canter, Chilson are bonus point machines the other 3 are winners, this leaves little margin of error for you to win a dual. This team matured and has shown it can win this championship before (2006). The Jr. High has had some outstanding talent the last few years and should provide some depth and starters to the squad. Top 3 B8 team potential finalists.


Buckeye Local
Head Coach: Nate Skryzpek
Returning: 10 full time starters, 2 that split time.
Standouts: Cody Wiltshire, Brandon Bartrug, Mike Slaga, Nathan Schaal, Rylan Pyciak
Solid lineup, but not spectacular. All Buckeye wrestlers battle and are physical. The 5 above must win and produce bonus pts for Buckeye to win. Other wrestlers will win more than lose, but no real consistency.
Almost entire team is starting or playing major role on the football team, early season health and wear and tear will be factor, not a lot of depth at most weights, but there is some quality if not quantity in program.
Freshman class is small, but will contribute a few starters depending on weights of returnees. Must find a true heavyweight. Must stay healthy all year to make a run at Buckeye 8,OVAC, and beyond.
Top 3 B8 team, may be top 2 depending on health, depth, lineup.


Edison Local
Head Coach: Bill Koenlein
Returning: 7 starters, plus some part timers
Standouts: Ryan Lemasters
The murders row of Stine, Brancker, and Stine has graduated leaving a lineup young and inexperienced wrestlers. Edison started a ton of freshman and sophomores and that experience will pay off sometime. Edison may struggle at times but the key is staying positive and eliminates mistakes to win. Freshman class should provide a few starters and Edison has a bright future when this tea matures. Outlook for B8 lower tier, maybe middle of pack.


Union Local
Head Coach: Wade Smolira
Returning: 5 starters
Standouts: Mitchell Friede
As always its a numbers game at UL, the lineup is small in numbers but large in heart and fight. If UL can get some numbers, they can get some wins in the B8. Friede is pretty good, and the freshman class may yield a few more starters for the squad. B8 bottom tier because of no full lineup with too may forfeits.


Buckeye 8 Preview


Team Capsules


Harrison Central
Heads Coach: Todd Dunlap
Returning: 12 starters
Standouts: Darin Heavilin, Nick Risdon, Rob Eddy, Taylor Banks, Ian Howell, Jake Mallernee, John Eckroth
Best line-up on Ohio side of OVAC, loaded with talent at most weights. Qualified for State Duals. The above listed wrestlers are tough outs and you must win at least 2 or 3 to have a chance and limit the others to decisions in a dual meet.
This is the best team they have had since consolidation. Huskies should make a run at every tournament they are in including OVAC. Have good depth in program, freshman class is solid.
Big things are expected of this group the question is how will they handle it? With Coach Dunlap at the helm of this squad that question may be moot.
Must be considered the Favorites in the B8 this year barring injury, etc.


Indian Creek
Head Coach: Brandon Pendleton
Returning: 7 starters
Standouts: Devin Mazik, Justin Leroy, Brandon Staudacher
Indian Creek is a young squad with good numbers. Not a lot of experience in the lineup, but some talent. Keeping everyone healthy is key to good season.
Team is coming together around Coach Pendleton and staff it showed at the end of last season with the will and effort to succeed. This year will be all about attitude and effort and Creek will have a successful season. Freshman class is inexperienced, but has some talent and the returning team has some quality and good work ethic. Middle of the pack B8 team, but with right draw could surprise. Creek will only have a few seniors in lineup so the future is bright.

Martins Ferry
Head Coach: Lamont Tucker
Returning: 12 starters, plus some part timers
Standouts: Steve Woodford, Matt Shreve, Taylor Yoder, Brad Mackey, Zane Mcswords
The more things change the more they stay the same. The Riders return a solid lineup of studs and solid wrestlers. The upper weights will be a plus; the lower weights a plus, the middle very solid and young. Coach Tucker returns after year to a solid team with potential. From their freshman class they will add impressive youngster in Jeffery Oberdick, an upper middleweight, who is a 2x OVC champ to lineup. Expectations will be for a run to top of B8. Freshman class is above average and well schooled and might have to wait on upperclassmen to decide where they are going.


St. Clairsville
Head Coach: Jay Michael
Returning: 10 starters
Standouts: Dillon Nolte, Seth Callarik, Dom Prezzia, Kenny Nickerson, Mike Yockey, Levi Holcomb
The kids are grown up now. This group of wrestlers are now battle-tested juniors and sophomores are ready for something special. The above-mentioned wrestlers from the nucleus of a young and exciting group at ST.C under the tutelage of one of the valley's top coaches. The key will be to fill out a full lineup and let the studs make up for the inconsistent wrestlers in the lineup. Prezzia, Callarik, Holcomb, and Nolte will top contenders at their weights. B8 outlook top 4, possible finalist depending on draw/seeding. The sky is limit with this group



Dual Meet Tournament
First Round
Harrison Central 61, Union Local 12
103—Heavilin (HC) won by forfeit; 112—double forfeit; 119—Emery (HC) won by forfeit; 125—Risdon (HC) p. K. Friede; 130—Clark (UL) p. Baltic; 135—Coffman (HC) d. M. Friede; 140—Fleming (HC) won by forfeit; 145—double forfeit; 152—Eddy (HC) d. Sigler; 160—Banks (HC) p. Hearn; 171—Kaiser (HC) p. Leach; 189—Howell (HC) p. Gatten; 215—Macy (UL) p. Gianangeli; 285—Eckroth (HC) p. Nelson
Martins Ferry 51, Edison 29
103—Threatt (E) won by forfeit; 112—Yoder (MF) p. Vein; 119—Mackey (MF) p. McGlore; 125—Beall (MF) tf. Gubanez; 130—Holt (MF) d. Costa; 135—Stine (E) p. Rose; 140—Brancker (E) tf. Hotlosz; 145—Stine (E) p. Graham; 152—Kaiser (MF) tf. Cline; 160—Goodwin (E) p. Oliver; 171—Tucker (MF) tf. Frey; 189—Shreve (MF) p. Decker; 215—Woody (MF) p. Bradley; 285—Zabitski (MF) won by forfeit
Bellaire 54 St. Clairsville 18
103—Knowlton (B) d. Spano; 112—Z. Porter (B) p. Yockey; 119—Nolte (STC) won by forfeit; 125—Callarik (STC) d. Dams; 130—Prezzia (STC) d. Canter; 135—Dobson (B) d. Launer; 140—Chilson (B) won by forfeit; 145—A. Porter (B) won by forfeit; 152—Faykus (B) md. Nickerson; 160—Crook (B) p. Snyder; 171—D. Porter (B) won by forfeit; 189—E. Mehlman (B) won by forfeit; 215—Holcomb (STC) won by forfeit; 285—Bennett (B) p. McGary
Buckeye Local 55, Indian Creek 23
103—Pfouts (IC) won by forfeit; 112—Wiltshire (BL) md. Mazik; 119—Kendjorsky (BL) p. LeRoy; 125—Marshall (IC) tf. Blumenear; 130—Bartrug (BL) p. Parker; 135—Nieb (BL) p. Bolitho; 140—Slaga (BL) p. Staudacher; 145—Supanik (BL) d. Wickham; 152—Sokolowski (BL) won by forfeit; 160—Hilliard (BL) p. Renforth; 171—Schaal (BL) p. Miller; 189—Pyciak (BL) p. Ensell; 215—Henderson (IC) p. Davis; 285—Ware (IC) p. Bishop
Second Round
Edison 45, Union Local 33
103—Threatt (E) won by forfeit; 112—Vein (E) won by forfeit; 119—McGlore (E) won by forfeit; 125—K. Friede (UL) p. Gubanez; 130—Clark (UL) won by forfeit; 135—Stine (E) tf. M. Friede; 140—Brancker (E) won by forfeit; 145—Stine (E) won by forfeit; 152—Sigler (UL) p. Cline; 160—Goodwin (E) md. Hearn; 171—Leach (UL) p. Frey; 189—Macy (UL) d. Decker; 215—Bradley (E) won by forfeit; 285—Neilson (UL) won by forfeit
Bellaire 46, Buckeye Local 30
103—Knowlton (B) won by forfeit; 112—Z. Porter (B) p. Wiltshire; 119—Kenjorsky (BL) won by forfeit; 125—Davis (B) p. Blumenear; 130—Canter (B) d. Bartrug; 135—Seevers (B) p. Nieb; 140—Chilson (B) d. Slaga; 145—A. Porter (B) md. Supanik; 152—Faykus (B) p. Sokolowski; 160—D. Porter (B) p. Hilliard; 171—Schaal (BL) won by forfeit; 189—Pyciak (BL) p. Mehlman; 215—Davis (BL) won by forfeit; 285—Bishop (BL) p. Bennett
Harrison Central 36, Martins Ferry 33
103—Heavilin (HC) won by forfeit; 112—Yoder (MF) won by forfeit; 119—Emery (HC) p. Mackey; 125—Risdon (HC) p. Beall; 130—Holt (MF) p. Baltic; 135—Coffman (HC) d. Rose; 140—Hotlosz (HC) p. Forrester; 145—Eddy (HC) p. Graham; 152—Banks (HC) d. Kaiser; 160—Kaiser (HC) d. Oliver; 171—Tucker (MF) d. Currence; 189—Howell (HC) p. Shreve; 215—Woodford (MF) p. Gianangeli; 285—Zabitski (MF) d. Eckroth
Indian Creek 42, St. Clairsville 32
103—Spano (STC) tf. Pfouts; 112—Mazik (IC) d. Yockey; 119—Nolte (STC) p. LeRoy; 125—Callarik (STC) d. Marshall; 130—Prezzia (STC) p. Parker; 135—Bolitho (IC) p. Lavener; 140—Polsinelli (IC) won by forfeit; 145—Staudacher (IC) d. Nickerson; 152—Emery (IC) won by forfeit; 160—Snyder (STC) p. Renforth; 171—Miller (IC) won by forfeit; 189—Ensell (IC) won by forfeit; 215—Holcomb (STC) p. Ware; 285—Anderson (IC) p. McGary
Third Round
Indian Creek 60, Edison 21
103—Pfouts (IC) p. Threatt; 112—Mazik (IC) p. Vein; 119—LeRoy (IC) p. McGlore; 125—Marshall (IC) p. Gubanez; 130—Parker (IC) won by forfeit; 135—Stine (E) p. Bolitho; 140—Brancker (E) d. Staudacher; 145—Polsinelli (IC) won by forfeit; 152—Emery (IC) p. Cline; 160—Goodwin (E) p. Renforth; 171—Miller (IC) p. Frey; 189—Decker (E) p. Ensell; 215—Ware (IC) p. Bradley; 285—Henderson (IC) won by forfeit
St. Clairsville 42, Union Local 28
103—Spano (STC) won by forfeit; 112—Yockey (STC) won by forfeit; 119—Nolte (STC) won by forfeit; 125—Callarik (STC) p. K. Friede; 130—Prezzia (STC) d. Clark; 135—M. Friede (UL) p. Lavener; 140—double forfeit; 145—Nickerson (STC) won by forfeit; 152—Sigler (UL) won by forfeit; 160—Hearn (UL) md. Snider; 171—Leach (UL) won by forfeit; 189—Gatten (UL) won by forfeit; 215—Holcomb (STC) d. Macy; 285—McGary (STC) p. Neilson
Buckeye Local 42, Martins Ferry 33
103—double forfeit; 112—Yoder (MF) d. Wiltshire; 119—Kendjorsky (BL) d. Mackey; 125—Blumenear (BL) p. Beall; 130—Holt (MF) d. Bartrug; 135—Nieb (BL) p. Hotlosz; 140—Slaga (BL) p. Driver; 145—Sokolowski (BL) p. Graham; 152—Kaiser (MF) d. Supanik; 160—Hilliard (BL) p. Oliver; 171—Schaal (BL) d. Tucker; 189—Shreve (MF) p. Pyciak; 215—Leach (MF) p. Davis; 285—Woodford (MF) p. Bishop
Bellaire 42, Harrison Central 27
103—Heavilin (HC) d. Knowlton; 112—Banker (B) won by forfeit; 119—Z. Porter (B) d. Emery; 125—Risdon (HC) p. Davis; 130—Canter (B) p. Payte; 135—Seevers (B) p. Coffman; 140—Chilson (B) p. Oilala; 145—A. Porter (B) p. Eddy; 152—K. Faykus (B) d. Banks; 160—Kaiser (HC) d. Crook; 171—Howell (HC) won by forfeit; 189—Mehlman (B) p. Currence; 215—Mallernee (HC) won by forfeit; 285—Eckroth (HC) d. Bennett

Bellaire defeated Harrison Central 42-27 to capture the Buckeye 8 Conference Dual Meet wrestling tournament Saturday afternoon at Union Local High School.

The Big Reds also topped St. Clairsville 54-18 in the opening round and then scored a 46-30 decision over Buckeye Local in round two.

Four consecutive pins in the middleweights propelled head coach Shane Shaffer’s squad. Recording falls were Erik Canter (130), Andrew Seevers (135), Robbie Chilson (140) and Aaron Porter (145). Also winning by pin was Eddie mehlman (189).

Winning by decisions for the Big Reds were Zach Porter (119) and Kyle Faykus (152), while Andrew Banker won by forfeit.

Nick Risdon (125) had the lone pin for the Huskies, while Darin Heavilin (103), Cody Kaiser (160) amd John Eckroth (285) all won by decisions. Ian Howell and Jake Mallernee won by forfeits.

In the third-place match, Buckeye Local used five pins to squeak past Martins Ferry, 42-33.

RAYLAND — Bellaire defeated Harrison Central 42-27 to capture the Buckeye 8 Conference Dual Meet wrestling tournament Saturday afternoon at Union Local High School.

The Big Reds also topped St. Clairsville 54-18 in the opening round and then scored a 46-30 decision over Buckeye Local in round two.

Four consecutive pins in the middleweights propelled head coach Shane Shaffer’s squad. Recording falls were Erik Canter (130), Andrew Seevers (135), Robbie Chilson (140) and Aaron Porter (145). Also winning by pin was Eddie mehlman (189).

Winning by decisions for the Big Reds were Zach Porter (119) and Kyle Faykus (152), while Andrew Banker won by forfeit.

Nick Risdon (125) had the lone pin for the Huskies, while Darin Heavilin (103), Cody Kaiser (160) and John Eckroth (285) all won by decisions. Ian Howell and Jake Mallernee won by forfeits.

In the third-place match, Buckeye Local used five pins to squeak past Martins Ferry, 42-33.

Indian Creek defeated Edison, 60-21, to finish fifth. The Wildcats placed fifth, and have now turned their attention to the OVAC tournament, which begins Thursday at WesBanco Arena.

“We’re just looking forward to it. We have some young kids and we’ve been taking our lumps, but we’re getting experienced,” Bill Koehnlein said.

Koehnlein is especially looking forward to seeing Andy Stine (130 pounds) back on the OVAC mat. Stine broke his leg during the 2006 football season and was unable to compete most of the 2006-07 wrestling season.

“Andy is 26-0 and we’re expecting some good things out of him, An injury forced him to sit out last year’s OVAC tournament and most of the season and it’ll be good to see him back out there.”

Nick Stine has lost just two matches at 145 and enters the OVAC at 24-2, while Chris Brancker at 140 is 21-4.

Both Stine brothers and Brancker won all their matches at the Buckeye 8 tourney.




Round 1

Bellaire 51, Union Local 21

103 — S. Faykus (Bell) won by forfeit; 112 — Porter (Bell) won by forfeit. 119 — Wilson (UL) dec. Johnson, 9-3.125 — Clark (UL) pinned Crook, 2:40. 130 — Fry (Bell) won by forfeit. 135 — Chilson (Bell) won by forfeit. 140 — Stenger (UL) dec. K. Faykus, 4-3. 145 — Porter (Bell) dec. Sigler, 6-4. 152 — R. Johnson (Bell) won by forfeit. 160 — Porter (Bell) won by forfeit. 171 — A. Johnson (Bell) won by forfeit. 189 — Macy (UL) pinned Mehlman 1:34. 215 — Davis (UL) dec. Clegg, 3-0. 275 — Bruce (Bell) won by forfeit.

Martins Ferry 56, Edison 24

103 — Mackey (MF) won by forfeit. 112 — Beall (MF) won by forfeit. 119 — McSwords (MF) won by forfeit. 125 — Shreve (MF) dec. McConnell, 16-0. 130 — Hotlozs (MF) won by forfeit. 135 — Holt (MF) pinned Shane. 140 —Kaiser (MF) pinned Brancker. 145 — N. Stine (E) pinned Sokilowski. 152 — Tucker (MF) dec. Prok, 14-0. 160 — Goodwin (E) pinned Hanson. 171 — J. Stine (E) pinned Leach. 189 — Woodford (MF) dec. Deck, 16-0. 215 — Klug (MF) won by forfeit. 285 — Paden (MF) won by forfeit.

Harrison Central 45, St. Clairsville 25

103 —Heavlin (HC) pinned Brumfield, 1:39. 112 — Nolte (StC) dec. Emery, 14-9. 119 — Risdon (HC) dec. Callarick, 7-3. 125 — Pate (HC) pinned Lavener, 1:25. 130 — Androsko (StC) dec. Moore, 14-4. 135 — Coffman (HC) won by forfeit. 140 — Yockey (StC) pinned Eddy 3:07. 145 — Nickerson (StC) dec. Banks, 13-6. 152 — Howell (HC) pinned Snider, 2:59. 160 — Donley (HC) won by forfeit. 171 — Kiser (HC) won by forfeit. 189 — Howell (HC) pinned Valentine, 1:59. 215 — Holcomb (StC) dec. Valentine, 4-2. 285 — Gray (StC) pinned Henderson, 53 sec.

Buckeye Local 39, Indian Creek 37

103 — Wiltshire (BL) pinned LeRoy, 1:44. 112 — Kendjorsky (BL) pinned Lawrence, :44. 119 — Marshall (IC) MD Oxley, 8-0. 125 — Losey (IC) pinned Klubert, 5;15. 130 — Staudacher (IC) pinned Bartrug, 4:56. 135 — Slaga (BL) pinned Bolithe, 4:38. 140 — Becca (BL) pinned Parker, :26. 145 — Emery (IC) dec. Bandyk, 6-4. 152 — Myers (IC) pinned Schael, :38. 160 — Pyciak (BL) pinned Cowser, 1:23. 171 — Miller (IC) pinned Hillard, 1:09. 189 — Renforth (BL) dec. Ensell, 10-3. 215 — Petrella (IC) won by forfit. 285 — Worwa (BL) pinned Benton, :3.

Second Round

Bellaire 36, Martins Ferry 32

103 — S. Faykus (Bell) dec. Mackey, 5-1. 112 — Porter (Bell) pinned Beall. 119 — McSwords (MF) pinned S. Johnson. 125 — Shreve (MF) tech. fall Cook, 3:53. 130 — Hotlotz (MF) pinned Fry, 3:29. 135 — Chilson (Bell) dec. Holt, 7-6. 140 — Kaiser (MF) dec. K. Faykus, 4-3. 145 — Porter (Bell) pinned sokilowski, :56. 152 — Tucker (MF) dec. R. Johnson, 3-2. 160 — Porter (Bell) pinned Hanson, 2:50. 171 — A. Johnson (Bell) pinned Leach, :58. 189 — Woodford (Bell) pinned Mehlman, 4:42. 215 — Klug (MF) dec. Clegg, 10-6. 285 — Bruce (Bell) pinned Paden, 3:44.

Buckeye Local 38, Harrison Central 34

103 — Wiltshire (BL) pinned Heavilin, 2:29. 112 — Kendjorsky (BL) pinned Emery, :29. 119 — Risdon (HC) dec. Osley, 12-2. 125 — Klubert (BL) tech. fall Shawn. 130 — Moore (HC) pinned Bartrug, 1:48. 135 — Slaga (BL) dec. Eddy, 18-11. 140 — Becca (BL) pinned Coffman, 1:58. 152 — Schaal (BL) pinned Howell, 1:33. 160 — Pyciak (BL) dec. Kaiser, 1-0. 171 — Donley (HC) won by forfeit. 189 — Howell (HC) pinned Hillard, 1:48. 215 — Valentine (HC) won by forfeit. 285 — Worwa (BL) pinned Henderson, 2:39.

Edison 43, Union Local 23

103 — Double forfeit. 112 — Double forfeit. 119 — Wilson (UL) won by forfeit. 125 — Clark (UL) pinned McConnell. 130 — Double forfeit. 135 — Shane (E) won by forfeit. 140 — Brancker (E) dec. Stenger, 11-3. 145 — Stein (E) dec. sigler, 12-6. 152 — Prokopakis (E) won by forfeit. 160 — Goodwein (E) won by forfeit. 171 — Stewart (E) won by forfeit. 189 — Macy (UL) dec. Decker, 16-1. 215 — Davis (E) won by forfeit. 285 — Double forfeit.

St. Clairsville 40, Indian Creek 39

103 — LeRoy (IC) pinned Brumfield, 2:34. 112 — Helms (StC) pinned Lawrence, :10. 119 — Nolte (StC) pinned Marshall, 2:51. 125 — Callarick (StC) pinned Losey, 4:49. 130 — Staudacher (IC) pinned Lauener, 1:16. 135 — Androsko (StC) dec. Bolitho,16-5 140 — Yockey (StC) pinned Paker, 1:37. 145 — Emery (IC) dec. Nickerson, 5-4 152 — Myers (IC) won by forfeit. 160 — Cowser (IC) pinned Snider, 1:12. 171 — Double forfeit. 189 — Ensell (IC) pinned Homard, 3:43. 215 — Holcomb (StC) pinned Petrella, 4:43. 285 — Gray (StC) pinned Benton.

Third Round

First Place

Bellaire 45, Buckeye Local 27

103 — Wiltshire (BL) dec. S. Faykus, 5-4. 112 — Kendjorsky (BL) dec. Porter, 9-2. 119 — Oxley (BL) pinned S. Johnson, 3:49. 125 — Crook (Bell) pinned Klubert, 1;15. 130 — Fry (Bell) pinned Bartrug, 1:15. 135 — Chilson (Bell) pinned Slaga, 2:50. 140 — Becca (BL) pinned K. Faykus, :19. 145 — A. Porter (Bell) dec. Bandyk, 11-4. 152 — Schaal (BL) dec. R. Johnson, 7-3. 160 — D. Porter (Bell) pinned Pyciak, 1:33. 171 — A. Johnson (Bell) won by forfeit. 189 — Renforth (BL) pinned Mehlman, 1:02. 215 — Clegg (Bell) won by forfeit. 285 — Bruce (Bell) pinned Worwa, :14.

Third Place

Martins Ferry 36, Harrison Central 34

103 — Mackey (MF) pinned Heavilin, 5:01. 112 — Emery (HC) pinned Beall, 1:35. 119 — Risdon (HC) won by forfeit. 125 — Shreve (MF) pinned Snyder, :48. 130 — Moore (HC) pinned Hotlozs, :48. 135 — Holt (MF) pinned Coffman, 1:48. 140 — Eddy (HC) pinned Kaiser, 3:24. 145 — Banks (HC) dec. Sokolowski, 16-7. 152 — Tucker (MF) dec. Howell, 9-0. 160 — Hanson (MF) dec. Kaiser, 5-3. 171 — Donley (HC) pinned Leach, 2:41. 189 — Woodford (MF) dec. Howell, 5-3. 215 — Klug (MF) dec. Valentine, 5-2. 285 — Paden (MF) dec. Henderson, 18-3.

Fifth Place

St. Clairsville 42, Edison 30

103 — Brumfield (StC) won by forfeit. 112 — Nolte (StC) won by forfeit. 119 — Peters (StC) won by forfeit. 125 — McConnell (E) dec. Callarick, 9-8. 130 — Vrotsos (StC) won by forfeit. 135 — Shane (E) pinned Androsko. 140 — Brancker (E) dec. Yockey, 6-4. 145 — Stine (StC) pinned Nickerson. 152 — Prokopakis (E) won by forfeit. 160 — Goodwin (E) pinned Snider. 171 — Double forfeit. 189 — Stewart (E) pinned Homard. 215 — Holcomb (StC) pinned Holcomb. 285 — Gray (StC) won by forfeit.

Seventh Place

Indian Creek 48, Union Local 32

103 — LeRoy (IC) won by forfeit. 112 — Mazik (IC) won by forfeit. 119 — Wilson (UL) dec. Marshall, 11-9. 125 — Clark (UL) dec. Losey, 18-3. 130 — Staudacher (IC) won by forfeit. 135 — Bolitho (IC) won by forfeit. 140 — Stenger (UL) pinned Parker, :35. 145 — Sigler (UL) pinned Higgins, :47. 152 — Myers (IC) won by forfeit. 160 — Cowser (IC) won by forfeit. 171 — Miller (IC) won by forfeit. 189 — Macy (UL) pinned Ensell, 2:32. 215 — Davis (UL) pinned Petrella, 2:56. 285 — Ware (IC) won by forfeit

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