Lorain Southview Quaker Steak Classic
Final Results
December 29 and 30, 2003

Team Scores
1 414.00 Clyde
2 342.00 Southview
3 324.50 North Royalton
4 229.50 Euclid
5 209.00 Twinsburg
6 205.00 Avon Lake
7 150.50 Keystone
8 146.00 Kirtland
9 141.00 Worthington Kilbourne
10 130.50 Copley
11 120.00 Trinity
12 119.00 Notre Dame Cathedral Latin
13 110.00 Kansas Lakota
14 107.00 Holy Name
15 86.50 Jefferson Area
16 61.50 East Liverpool

103 Ramero Parker, Southview Frft Adam Thurn, Clyde
112 Rubin Brown, Southview Dec Anthony Duffield, East Liverpool, 10-4
119 Robbie Michaels, Clyde M-Dec Frankie Mercado, Southview, 15-4
125 J.R. Ysaguirre, Clyde Fall Frankie Santiago, Southview, 1:01
130 Jesse Oberdove, North Royalton Fall Willie Fultz, Clyde, 1:29
135 Rich Norris, North Royalton Dec Jake Zieber, Clyde, 6-2
140 Chris Anderson, Southview M-Dec Adam Juhasz, Notre Dame Cathedral Latin, 12-2
145 Tony Tortorici, Euclid Dec Jon Taylor, Clyde, 6-4
152 Matt Fearon, Kirtland Dec Jacob Fischer, Twinsburg, 5-3
160 Eric Bellottie, Keystone Fall Jarred Martin, Clyde, 1:33
171 Jon Mathias, Worthington Kilbourne M-Dec Jeff Moores, Jefferson Area, 9-1
189 Leo Saniuk, Copley M-Dec Clay Armbruster, North Royalton, 11-3
215 Steve Dominick, Euclid Dec Nic Laracuente, Trinity, 5-1
275 Matt Guhn, Clyde Fall Joe Wilson, Southview, 5:08

103 Boomer Fechko, North Royalton M-Dec Beau Lem, Avon Lake, 14-3
112 Dan Valore, Twinsburg M-Dec Matt Weller, Kansas Lakota, 14-1
119 Andrew Kissel, Worthington Kilbourne Dec Bill Brenick, Trinity, 8-7 OT
125 Brent Aona, Clyde Extra Dec Michael Nettis, Notre Dame Cathedral Latin, 4-3
130 Jack Nettis, Notre Dame Cathedral Latin Dec Juan Maldonado, Southview, 2-1
135 Jeremy Coleman, Southview Dec Tim Roland, Twinsburg, 3-2
140 Tim Becka, North Royalton Dec Chris Kalina, Kirtland, 10-5
145 Nick Ranallo, Twinsburg Dec Brett Rahz, Kirtland, 7-2
152 Nick Garcia, Clyde Fall Matt Hogan, Avon Lake, 0:40
160 Mike Pacetti, North Royalton Dec Andre Miller, Twinsburg, 4-1
171 Nate Lupica, Avon Lake Dec Tim Jones, Euclid, 8-1
189 Tony Brown, Kansas Lakota Dec Bob Gavlak, Holy Name, 7-3
215 Eric Kassel, Copley Fall Eric Schwartz, Clyde, 1:33
275 Steve Damron, Worthington Kilbourne Fall Rob Lewis, Twinsburg, 4:51

5th Place
103 Reggie Bathurst, Euclid M-Dec Ryan Peecock, Trinity, 13-4
112 Mike Tanko, North Royalton M-Dec Glen Barth, Avon Lake, 10-0
119 Jeb Barth, Avon Lake Extra Dec Nick Kelly, Euclid, 5-0
125 Brandon Taylor, North Royalton Dec Jason Brunner, Avon Lake, 13-8
130 Andre Cisco, Trinity M-Dec Brian Bucher, Avon Lake, 12-3
135 Brian Brooks, Kirtland Frft Christan Tortorici, Euclid
140 John Pycraft, Keystone M-Dec Ken Sanger, Holy Name, 13-4
145 Paul Kordich, North Royalton Dec Ryan Jech, Holy Name, 2-1
152 Matt Frindt, Keystone Dec ShaunPaythress, Euclid, 5-0
160 Danny O'Dell, Copley Fall Mike Vanderboom, Notre Dame Cathedral Latin, 1:58
171 Travis Sokolow, Avon Lake Extra Dec Jimmy Shultz, Kansas Lakota, 8-6
189 Scott Bennett, Avon Lake Dec Myron McConnell, Euclid, 7-3
215 Jake Powers, Kansas Lakota Dec Bill Wolf, Keystone, 4-1
275 Vince Urbanski, North Royalton Fall Ryan Oddo, Euclid, 3:53

103-140: Ysaguirre (Clyde)
145-275: Saniuk (Copley)


B Bracket Results

103B Dominic Mason, Southview Extra Fall Dan Allison, Wor.Kilbourne, 1:14
112B Chris Deskins, Southview Extra Dec Troy Wetzel, Clyde, 8-5
119B Ryan Smith, North Royalton Fall Shane Reed, East Liverpool, 5:51
125B Matt Nycz, Holy Name Fall Kevin Riggle, East Liverpool, 2:43
130B Dean Hornbeck, East Liverpool Fall Rocco Levine, Holy Name Extra, 2:24
135B Tyler Butler, East Liverpool Fall Scott Fide, Southview Extra, 1:36
140B Andy Slone, Clyde Dec John Ashley, Jefferson Area, 8-2
145B Chris Casper, Keystone Dec Franco Gonzalez, Worthington Kilbourne, 9-3
152B Tom Alger, NDCL Fall Ryan Harvey, Southview, 1:54
160B Dan Sokolow, Avon Lake M-Dec Aaron Smith, East Liverpool, 12-4
171B Matt Podmore, Twinsburg M-Dec Matt Zimmer, North Royalton, 12-1
189B Chris Osidach, Southview Dec Nate Meyer, Jefferson Area, 3-1
215B Garrett Nash, Jefferson Area Fall Justin Nadler, Wor.Kilbourne, 3:53
275B T J Slager, East Liverpool Dec Tony Smerk, Avon Lake, 5-3

103B Jae Garrison, Copley M-Dec Desean Perkins, Twinsburg, 13-0
112B Blake Friedt, Keystone Fall Matt Nabors, Keystone Extra, 1:40
119B Jerry Drocton, Kirtland Dec Matt Sycz, North Roylaton Extra, 7-3
125B Clay Davis, Kirtland M-Dec Rich Robinson, Southview Extra, 9-0
130B Ray Keffer, Twinsburg Dec Andy Prewitt, Keystone, 6-5
135B Steve Cavolo, NDCL Dec Joe Purgert, Trinity, 3-0
140B Billy Brunnett, Twinsburg Dec Scott Machwhinnie, Twinsburg Extra 9-7
145B Dominic Jones, Southview M-Dec Chris Koeth, Avon Lake, 12-1
152B Anthony Wachalec, Wor. Kilbourne Dec Alfonso Davis, Twinsburg Extra, 4-0
160B Dave McCandless, Trinity Dec Dan Young, Kirtland, 8-3
171B Matt Findley, Southview Extra Fall Mark Martinis, NDCL 1:45
189B Tom Finley, Southview Extra Fall Alan Morganti, NDCL, 3:47
215B Andrew Sycz, North Royalton Dec Rick Hammons, Clyde Extra, 4-2
275B Dan Cosimi, Kirtland M-Dec Jake Reynolds, Avon Lake Extra, 15-7

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