1982 OVAC Tournament

Big Red captures OVAC over all title with out an individual champion!

Overall Team Scoring
Steubenville 159
John Marshall 148
Cambridge 144
Cadiz 122
East Liverpool 121
Martins Ferry 86
Brooke 82
River 81
Bellaire 78
Beallsville 77

Larry  Isleman Toronto Most Outstanding Wrestler!

Championship Finals
98 John Goempel (EL) d. Outward (MF) 16-4
105 Kent (WP) d. Ward (BEALLS) 8-7
112 Milantoni (BRKE) d. Mills (STEUB) 8-4
119 Jim Strickland (RIVER) d. Zervos (JM) 2-0 ovt
126 Larry Isleman (TOR) d. Gibson (CAMB) 22-9
132 Ledyard (STEUB CATH) p. Carpico (JU) 2:33
138 Dave Delande (ST C) p. Hadley (EL) :41
145 Berisford (JM) p. Rose (ST J) 5:13
155 Duff (CAMB) d. Blazak (BELL) 6-4
167 Brooke (CAD) won over Tluchowski (STEUB) in ovt. Rule book criteria
175 Owens (MEADOW) p. Brown (WELLS) 4:53
185 Baunlich (WHG C) d. Fabry (ST. J) 3-1
HWT Zonker (BELL) d. Price (CAMB) 11-0

Third-Fourth Place
98 Isaly (BEALLS) p. Dobbs (JM) :38
105 Bunch (STEUB) d. Hellyer (SPRING) 5-1
112 Jeffries (UL) d. Kotellos (MF)
119 Miller (BARNES) d. Beardmore (CAMB) 7-1
126 Milantoni (BRKE) d. Pryor (BARNES) 10-2
132 Blangor (STEUB) d. Lamatia (TOR) 5-0
138 Sheets (STANTON) p. Kidder (CAD) 2:47
145 Mitchell (STEUB) d. Thresher (WELLS) 2-1
155 Cunningham (JU) d. Roth (MF) 8-6
167 Stevens (BRPT) d. Yarosz (TOR) 4-3
175 Van Camp (River) d. Arguragi (EL) 6-3
185 McCool (JM) d. Siddle (SHEN) 7-3
HWT Witzberger (WHG C) d. DeLong (STEUB) 7-3

Fifth-Sixth Place Matches
98 Carter (CAD) d. Stewart (BRPT) 5-4
105 Nameth (CAD) d. Daugherty (CAMB) 2-1
112 Stocker (CAMB) d Young (JM) 7-2
119 Yurko (WEIR) d. Ciofani (BELL) 13-7
126 Kaine (STEUB C) d. Johnston (WINT) 6-2
132 Burke (EL) d. Adams (SPRING) 18-2
138 Withers (MF) d. Rogers (SHEN) 4-3 ovt
145 Sotter (WINT) d. Zink (WP) 8-0
155 Taylor (OG) d. Matskis (SHADY) 12-7
167 Diserio (BRKE) d. Miller (JM) 8-5
175 Betch (WHG C) d. Nice (SPRING) 3-0
185 Walker (STEUB) d. Weitfield (BRKE) 9-2
HWT Walker (WELLS) won by default over Greenlee (RIVER)

Seventh-Eighth Place
98 Pryor (BARNES) d. Rowe (WP) 4-2
105 Foston (BPT) d. Dragnoir (WEIR) 11-0
112 McKinney (CAD) d. Tucker (WINT) 11-0
126 Kowalski (UL) d. Gotschell (EL) 7-0
132 Kahrig (BEALLS) d. Hannahs (SHEN) 7-6
138 Analis (SHADY) d. Taylor (WEIR) 6-4
145 Cook (EL) p. Schramm (BELL) 5:44
155 Keenan (STEUB) d. Stone (MEADOW) 4-0
167 Raptis (CAMB) d. Fabry (ST.J )5-3
175 Tom Gates (STANTON) p. Long (JU) 3:37
185 Casey Jeffries (BARNES) p. Pickering (EL) 2:33
HWT Butts (UL) d. Eberhart (CAD) 2-1



20 Schools were represented in the OVAC finals and not one team could gain more then one champion.

Larry Isleman becomes Toronto's first OVAC Champion.

Chris Ledyard becomes Steubenville Catholic Central's first OVAC Champion.

Mr. Mat Paul Crago Marshall County Schools

Coach of the year John Stephenson Cadiz

Jr. High Coach of the year William "Bill" Donohew Warwood

Tournament Director Ron Mauck


Dave Delande:

In 1982 Dave was the all time OVAC win leader with a record of 136 wins 12 losses, and 1 tie.

* 3 time OVAC Champion and one time runner up

* 42-2 Senior year

* 4 time Ohio State Qualifier, placing 5th, 6th, and 2nd

* 32 pins in one season




This information was taken from the Ohio Valley Wrestling book written by Dennis Bowman.

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