1983 OVAC Tournament

Ed Dugas John Marshall's first year coach leads the "Dark Horse" Monarchs to the OVAC Title!

Over all top ten scoring
John Marshall 163
Steubenville 159
Wheeling Park 153
Cadiz 142
Barnesville 140
Cambridge 121
Martins Ferry 96
East Liverpool 90
Brooke 83
Bridgeport 83

Brian Miller Barnesville Most Outstanding Wrestler!

Championship Finals
98 Todd Rowe (WP) d. Stewart (BPT) 4-0
105 John Goempel (EL) d. Outward (MF) 6-5
112 Rich McKinney (CAD) won by default over Bunch (STEUB)
119 Milantoni (BRKE) d. Fosten (BPT) 4-3
126 Tim Ward (BEALLS) d. Hibbs (JU) 7-2
132 Brian Miller (BARNES) d. Pontius 9-0
138 John Blangor (STEUB) d. Barnhart (WELLS) 12-4
145 Mike Miller (SHADY) d. Thrasher (WELLS) 6-5
155 Albert Caldwell (RIVER) p. Lynn (BARNES) 2:37
167 Bill Gilbert (JM) d. Booth (CAMB) 13-10
175 Charlie Keenan (STEUB) d. Zoeckler (WP) 12-0
185 Braunlich (WHG C) p. Timcho (MINGO) :59
HWT Price (CAMB) p. Witzberger (WHG C) 1:02

Third-Fourth Place Matches
98 Simmons (JM) d. Ralston (OG) 7-2
105 Heavilin (CAD) d. Young (STEUB) 1-0
112 Taylor (WP) d. Doyle (BELL) 5-2
119 Mills (STEUB) d. Carter (CAD) 2-1
126 Ornouski (CAD) d. Underwood (WEIR) 6-1
132 Clutter (OG) d. Nameth (CAD) 4-3
138 Raptis (CAMB) d. Knox 9-4
145 Simone (WINT) d. Sambuco (MF) 10-3
155 Matsakis (SHADY) p. Mitchell (MF) 4:57
167 Dowling (BPT) d. Fisher (WP) 7-1
175 Nice (SPRING) d. Edgell (BELL) 6-5
185 Williams (JM) d. Smolira (UL) 5-3
HWT Moxley (BARNES) d. Logewell (JM) 10-1

Fifth-Sixth Place Matches
98 Hillberry (EL) p. Jacobs (MEADOW) 2:59
105 West (JM) p. Hinerman (CAM) 2:17
112 Pryo (BARNES) d. Dobbs (JM) 5-4
119 Ciofani (BELL) d. Hellyer (SPRING) 5-1
126 BEardmore (CAMB) d. Parrish (BRK) 6-2
132 Ice (EL) d. Sperringer (BRK) 6-3
138 Martin(EL) d. Wineman (BARNES) 7-0
145 Dalbenzio (STEUB) p. Kriechbaum (BARNES) 3:43
155 Simmons (JM) won by default over Mazzella (BRK)
167 Doomy (WINT) won by default over McCune (MAG)
175 Dunn (CAM) d. Morgan (MF) 5-0
185 Harding (CAD) d. Bertola (STEUB CENT) 3-1
HWT Wilson (MEADOW) d. Christman (SHEN) 13-4

Seventh-Eighth Place Matches
98 Kasper (ST CL) d. Carpenter (BARNES) 4-2
105 Opic (WP) p. Clipner (MEADOW) :54
112 Cain (MEADOW) p. Wright (EL) :32
119 Young (JM) d. Schumacher (ST CL) 6-5
126 Pryor (BARNES) d. Taylor (WP) 5-4
132 Knollinger (WP) p. Deaton (MF) 3:40
138 Dusci (MF) d. Dietz (WHG C) 8-3
145 Kisner (BRKE) d. Creamer (WP) 4-1
155 Beck (ST CL) d. Schamm (BELL) 4-5
167 Gibson (CAD) d. Hilton (MF) 4-2
175 Haswell (SHADY) p. Atkins (CAD) 2:45
185 Matta (SPRING) d. Long (WP) 7-5
HWT Staley (OG) p. Stillwagoner (MAG) 1:55

Mr. Mat Dr. Vincent Monseau WLSC

Coach of the year John Craig Steubenville

Junior High Coach of the year Bob Baird Cameron

Special Award to William McEldowney Wheeling YMCA

Bierkorette Award Brian Miller Barnesville

Mike Miller becomes Shadyside first OVAC Champion

Tournament Director Ron Mauck



This information was taken from the Ohio Valley Wrestling book written by Dennis Bowman.

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