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Steubenville District

OVAC Placers:

20 State Qualifiers
26 1-6th District Placers

1st 135,140, 160,189,215
2nd 103,119,125,140,189
3rd 103, 112,171,189,285
4th 103,125,130,140,189
5th 112,215
6th 119,125,140,145


The Buckeye Local Sectional:

22 State qualifiers
32 1-6th District placers

1st 103,112,119,135,140,160,215
2nd 119,135,145,160,189
3rd 112,140,189,285
4th 103,125,140,160,189,215
5th 112,152,285
6th 103,119,125,140,145,152,171


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Steubenville District Pass List 2008

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